Small Startup? Need to find tech talent?

Small Startup? Need to find tech talent?

The purpose of the article is to share my experiences finding tech talent with a small budget. If your company is a native or web application it’s absolutely imperative that you have a great technology foundation that meets your business’ needs – and is built by the right people. Here’s a list of mediums that may help you find tech talent in no particular order:

“People are not your most important asset. The right people are.” – Jim Collins

1. Meetups

Meetups are a great way of networking yourself amongst a group of people who generally have the same set of interests. Nowadays you can find a meet up that’s focused around certain technologies, frameworks or content management systems that your business needs.

Post a succinct description of the position and a way to contact you on the message boards of the groups you’re trying to target. Be mindful not to spam the groups with your job postings as you may want to check in with the group admins for guidelines regarding job postings on the group message board. The group admins may even help you reach the right people you’re looking for.

1. AngelList

Angel list is great for finding talent that’s specifically looking for startup work. Make a company profile, add your job, and start inviting candidates to look at your job posting. When you do get a match on AngelList, be proactive and quickly respond to any developers questions about your job posting.

I would not recommend posting your job on platforms such as LinkedIn or Indeed Prime for those looking for employment on those sites are probably looking for a stable job with full benefits – not a volatile startup with no guarantee of success.

3. Code Bootcamps

Contact local code boot camps in your area and ask to speak with someone responsible for making sure the new graduates are employed ASAP after they graduate. When you reach out to these schools you will have to provide them with a short description of your ideal candidate. In turn, they will send you resumes and introduce you to the candidates that you wish to interview.  The majority of the candidates will not have 5+ years of development experience, however, most are eager to learn and jump into the next opportunity if given the chance.

4. Freelancers

Leveraging the plethora of freelancers out there is a great idea. If you’ve hired a freelancer just based on a cheap hourly rate or quote, don’t be surprised when you’re about to hit a deadline and you find out that almost nothing is production ready. Simply put, you get what you pay for. It would be best if you had a tech-savvy person, CTO, or product manager on your team that can negotiate with and properly screens the freelancers.

Final Notes

Don’t focus too much on finding someone who is super passionate about your brilliant startup idea. You may be spinning your wheels looking for the “perfect fit” who fits the exact mold of what you’re looking for. You’re much better off looking for someone who loves to build awesome things regardless of what it is they’re building.

Know of another cost-efficient way to find great talent? Comment and let me know!

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