Increase CPU on AWS

Upgrade CPU of EC2 instance on AWS

The purpose of the article is to show you how to increase the CPU of your instance on AWS. In this case, I will upgrade my t2.micro instance to a t2.medium instance. You may need to upgrade the CPU on your EC2 instance as the demand for internal operations increases or you see a noticeable decrease in overall performance. Be mindful of the added cost of upgrading your EC2 instance because your bill can accumulate quickly. 

You can find the breakdown of general purpose EC2 instances here

Step 1 – Stop your currently running instance

Select the EC2 instance you want to upgrade, then click Actions>Instance State>Stop

Step 2 – Change instance type

Once your EC2 instance has stopped, got to Actions>Instance Settings>Change Instance Type

Once you click on Change Instance Type you will select which instance you want to upgrade to. In this case, I will upgrade my t2.micro to a t2.medium

Step 3 – Start the instance 

Start the instance in Actions>Instance State>Start

Once the instance starts back up you will have successfully upgraded your EC2 instance! In the case that you want to downgrade your instance, you would follow the same steps and select an instance with a lower CPU.

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